Nice Painting

- Nathan Cross in Most Wanted after wrecked the player car

It's Cross

- Nathan Cross in Carbon to Darius, who mistook his name

Nathan Cross is a major antagonist in Need For Speed : Most Wanted and the tertiary antagonist Need For Speed : Carbon

Need For Speed : Most Wanted

Nfs-mania nfs most wanted cross 09

Nathan Cross in Most Wanted

The player first meet Nathan and his female partner when he arrive in Rockport, he was tell the player he was in the wrong road for racing, his partner wanted to take a peek in the player car before take the car away. But just before they can do anything they receive an emergecy call for a race and leave, Nathan stay there for a few second before take out a key and wreck the player car painting. He finally later arrested the player after he lose against Razor, but he released the player from jail, because he doesn't have any prove against him, he can also appear chasing the player, in the end he arrested Razor, but tell all officers to go arrested the players.

Need For Speed : Carbon

Nfs-mania perso cross 01

Nathan Cross in Carbon

He had left Rockport and was not a cop anymore, but he was bounty hunter chasing again the player. He was interrupted by Darius who arrived and got his name wrong, but he was still spying on the player for finally catching him, when the player is betrayed by Darius; Cross come out of his car and arrested the player, but seem to redeemed himself after Nikki arrive and join the player crew.