Kourov (Randy Raney) in Rambo III.

Sgt. Kourov is one of Colonel Zaysen's henchmen and the secondary antagonist of Rambo III.

Rambo III

Like Art Galt, he is a very brutal man who tortures people. He tortured Sam Trautman before Rambo stabbed him from behind. He survived, however, and attacked again in the underground cave. Rambo shot at him with an explosive arrow, but he used one of his own men as a human shield to survive, although he was injured by the explosion.

Kourov attacked Rambo again as he made his way out of the hole leading to Zaysen's base. Rambo tried to strangle him with the cable leading into the hole, but he was able to pick up Rambo and begin to break his back by doing a bear hug. However, Rambo pulled off the pin of an F1 hand grenade on Kourov's uniform, forcing him to let go in order to take the grenade off. Before he could, Rambo knocked him down the hole. As the rope was around his neck, he was hanged for a split second before the grenade exploded, blowing Kourov to bits.

He shares many similarities to Sgt. Yushin in Rambo: First Blood Part II, and some fans dub Yushin and Kourov as the "big Russians" of the Rambo films.