You know what your problem is? You're trying to be the good guy in a bad man's game. Huh, I thought you had potential. Turns out you're just another chump like Mendez!
~ Martinez to Victor Vance..

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Sergeant Jerry Martinez is the main antagonist in the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and is one of Victor Vance's superior officers at the Fort Baxter Air Base.


Martinez does not take his position seriously and is shown to have few morals in him. At the beginning of the game, Martinez orders Victor to get a shipment of drugs for him and hide them in Vic's own barracks. He introduces Vic to Phil Cassidy, a gun supplier. Later, he tells Victor, who is increasingly uneasy about housing the drugs, that he will collect the marijuana once Victor picks up his girlfriend, who instead turns out to be a prostitute. Victor is confronted at the airbase by a furious General Beverly McFadden who questions the drugs in Victor's barracks and the prostitute accompanying him. Victor is then given a dishonorable discharge from the Army service.

When Phil, Martinez's business partner, threatens to sever their relationship, Martinez shows his vindictive side again when he betrays him, sending both Vic and Phil to an ambush. Martinez later works for the Mendez Brothers, overseeing their shipment of cocaine arriving into Vice City. When the cocaine is stolen by Victor and Lance, Jerry enters a witness protection program in fear of the Mendez Cartel. In retaliation for forcing him to turning state evidence, Martinez kidnaps Vic's girlfriend Louise and beats her savagely, leaving her in a car for Vic to locate. After Vic steals an army helicopter right from under Martinez's nose, the villainous sergeant decides to meet Vic on top of the Mendez Building. Martinez is killed along side Diego Mendez and Victor spits on his corpse as Lance arrives in a helicopter.


  • Conceptual drawings drawn before the games release depict Martinez as a sinister and villainous soldier. However, his in-game personality is more that of a buffoonish psychopath.
  • His personality is similar to that of Gary Smith from Bully.
  • He has a bike parked near his barracks.
  • Martinez was voiced by Felix Solis.