Sergeant Daniel Neff is a villain in the 1978 Horror sequel, Damien: The Omen 2. He was played by Lance Henrikson.

Sergeant Daniel Neff

A military official and Damien's platoon commander and secretly a follower of his. Like Damien he was an orphan and a secret satanist, who planned to ensure Damien Thorn rose to power. When he takes over Sergeant Goodrich as the officer of Damien's platoon, he meets everyone of them one on one in his office. He meets Damien Thorn and takes him in and lets him know that he needs to come to him day or night if something is wrong.

Later Sergeant Neff takes Damien outside of his class after he uses his power to know and answer every historical event to the teacher. He then warns him that he was showing off and attracting attention and that the day will come when everyone will know who he is but that day is not yet. Then Sergeant Neff tells him to read Chapter 13 of the book of Revelation and that by doing so he'll find out who he is. Sure enough, Damien does so and discovers he's the son of The Devil and runs into the woods scared.

Sergeant Neff watches him as he runs from the academy into the woods and learns his discovery. Later on in the movie, Sergeant Neff attends Mark Thorn's funeral with everybody and then later is at Damien's reward of recieving the Officer's Saber at the academy and then the following celebration.