Sergeant Blob is a recurring antagonist in the cartoon series The Dream Stone.


Blob was an overweight Urpney with red hair and black eyebrows. Unlike most of the other Urpneys, his eyebrows didn't match his hair (they were black), and he only had two spots on his nose. He wore standard Urpney soldier's armor, except for his helmet which in addition to the spike had two Viking-like horns. He was Captain Crigg's subordinate, until Crigg's repeated failures made Zordrak send him into the Pit of No Return. He then placed Blob in control of the Urpneys, but, emphatically didn't promote him - Blob remained a sergeant despite his new command.

He was tasked by Zordrak with acquiring the Dream Stone from the Land of Dreams. He selected two Urpney soldiers for the task, Frizz and Nug. The three made repeated and often failed attempts to steal the Dream Stone, but somehow, throughout it all, avoided sharing Crigg's fate. The reason for this was that unlike Crigg, Blob never disagreed with Zordrak or questioned his plans, and also, by that time, Zordrak had realized that Urpneys as a whole could be counted on to be clumsy and stupid, and if he executed every Urpney for that, he'd run out of men.

Blob was only marginally more competent than Crigg and in many ways, slightly more dumb than Frizz and Nug, who at least had some common sense despite their stupidity. He was enthused with his newfound command, and, in an effort to sound intelligent and important, he'd attempt to use big words, but often get them wrong or use the wrong words. However, he did possess a single-minded determination which ensured he was capable of at least possibly succeeding at a mission, and, to his credit, he sometimes did. In terms of fighting prowess he was less cowardly than his subordinates, and his large size meant he could, if he wanted, easily defeat an opponent in a swordfight or in hand to hand combat. However, despite his bravery and his tendency to lead from the front, he rarely resorted to fighting.

He had a fierce rivalry with Urpney scientist Urpgor although it was mostly on Urpgor's side - Blob didn't seem to give Urpgor much thought unless he was actually directly interacting with him, unlike Frizz and Nug, who hated Urpgor as a matter of principle. Blob and Urpgor often competed with each other for Zordrak's favor, and who tended to come out on top depended on Zordrak's mood. Win or lose, Urpgor would nonetheless take any chance he got to humiliate Blob and his men somehow. Blob seemed to view taking Urpgor's abuse as part of his job, however, and mostly didn't let it faze him (much to Urpgor's annoyance).