Serena the siren


Serena is a siren. She appeared in the episode "Siren Song", she is portrayed by Kendra Timmins. She commenly says that she needs people to feel her pain.

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As a Siren, Serena arrived at Whitechapel High, where she began causing discord with her singing, causing people to fight each other, and increasing their rage. Upon noticing this, Benny and Ethan at first suspected she was a mermaid, only to discover she wasn't when they soaked her with water. Upon touching her, Ethan had a vision intense enough to damage his hearing. Meanwhile she also angered and mocked Erica. She continued to use her singing to create discord, planning on spreading it completely at the talent contest. However while there she was confronted by Benny, Ethan and Rory, who had formed their own band: Muse-o-tronics.My-babysitters-a-vampire—siren-song-209—kept-quiet—kendra-timmins Shariq.m Their popularity with the crowd, as they went on right before her, angered her. She pushed on stage and began unleashing her rage onto the crowd. However, despite a few problems, Ethan combated her with a negative recording of her voice. It caused the same effect it had on others on her, thus significantly weakening her until she was destroyed.