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Sentinels are supporting antagonists of the The Matrix series. They are giant squid-like machines bent on eradicating humankind on behalf of the Machines (led by Deus Ex Machina).



Sentinels were created in the late 21st century and live on the robotic country 01. After the Machines took the humans and the Architect created the Matrix, the Sentinels are the most prominent Machinists. Since the 22nd century, they were occupied by the Deus Ex Machina. They have been attacking the Human Resistance for 600 years.


The Sentinels were first seen in The Matrix, where they attempted to attack the ship Nebuchadnezzar following Cypher's betrayal of Neo and Morpheus to the Agents (led by Agent Smith). Eventually, following Cypher's death, Neo was able to defeat Agent Smith before allowing himself and Morpheus to escape, using the ship's electromagnetic pulse weapon to disable the attacking Sentinels.

They later returned in The Matrix Reloaded when they finally managed to spot and destroy the Nebuchadnezzar following Neo's intention of getting to the Source of finding a solution to reboot the Matrix. Despite this, the crew was able to escape on another ship while Neo is left in a coma along with Bane.

The Sentinels returned in The Matrix Revolutions, where they initiated an attack on Zion, killing numerous humans. However, they are unaware that Smith has become a virus and has infected much of the Matrix that will result the destruction of both humankind and machines. Fortunately, Neo manages to form a deal with the Machines of getting rid of Smith in exchange for Zion's safety, forcing the Sentinels to stand down. After Neo sacrifices himself to destroy Smith, the Sentinel peacefully leave from Zion as part of the deal with the Machines.


  • They became the inspiration for the Cy-Bugs from Disney's Wreck It Ralph.


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