Sentinel Sphere

A Sentinel Sphere

The Sentinel Spheres (also called the "Spheres" or "Sentinels") are flying metallic silver spheres that are the Tall Man's signature weaponry and they appeared in all of the Phantasm movies.

The Spheres were created through a twisted process via an unknown technology by the Tall Man. They are made from silver orbs containing the shrunken brains of his murdered victims. The Tall Man can psychically control the Sentinels with his mind. The Sentinel Spheres employ an arsenal of weapons including a drill, blades and lasers. They can incapacitate anyone in their path (friend or foe) and completely drain them of blood. They make the Tall Man a very dangerous foe.


  • These spheres were featured in the episode "Wrestling With Demons" from the supernatural drama series Charmed.