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Sensei Jimmy

Sensei Jimmy

Who we may fight now?!
~ Sensei Jimmy.

Sensei Jimmy , also called "Sensai Jimmy", is an elderly martial artist and a one-time character in the animated series Sidekick. He is the master Side-Fu, a technique where sidekicks are use to be hitten by the evil to protect the hero, and Maxum Man's teacher of the technique. He first appear in the episode, Everyone Is Side-Fu Fighting. He came to the school one day to teach everyone how to take a punch, kick, slap, and any kind of beating. Everyone is accepting the technique except for Eric who he don't like to get hit like everyone else. Sensai Jimmy put Eric on his special training, which is cleaning up of the mess. No one knows or how they can tell how old Sensai Jimmy is really is.


Sensai Jimmy look similar like a Asian elder, wearing kung fu clothes, sandels, and a straw hat. His face seems old but no one knows how old he really is, but some do say that he might be over a hundred years of age with his winkles and long facial hair on his face. His skin is light blue with yellow eyes. Speak in a Asian way and always have his hands tuck inside his sleeves and pull one hand out when pointing or handling something like a broom to show Eric his technique.

Powers and Abilities

Sensai doesn't have no powers, so apparently he has powers, but he have mastered the technique of side fu. Although he have never fight with anyone in class except training with Maxum Man in the video. Along with the master style of side fu, he is also master of the training that Eric have been put through.


  • Sensei Jimmy looks and talks like a stereotypical old Asian man and surprises everyone by changing the room they are in.

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