Sense (german for Scythe) is a member of the teen gang "Die Unbesiegbaren Sieger" and an antagonist in the movie "Die Wilden Kerle". He and the Sieger occupy the football field of the "Wilden Kerle".

He was portrayed by Nicolas Michalczewski.

In the movie

He alongside the "Unbesiegbaren Sieger" occupy the football field of the "Wilden Kerle". When Fabi makes a joke about the weight of Michi, Sense is outraged.

The "Sieger" break into the kiosk on the football field and steal drinks, spilling most of them for the fun of it. They then prepare to spy on the "Wilden Kerle".

While the "Sieger" are spying on the "Wilde Kerle" training session, Kong states that Sense was right when he said that Willi has trained them well which implies that Sense spied on them before.

Sense participates in the attack on Camelot, the treehouse of the "Wilden Kerle". After Kong is taken out, Sense screams at Michi because he told them that the attack would be easy. After Krake's defeat Sense once again yells at Michi and is the next one sent to attack. He uses a ladder to climb Camelot. He stumbles onto Fabi who tries to shoot him with his water pistol, but the pistol is empty. Sense mockingly asks what comes next, to which Fabi cuts a rope and drops Sense into a bathtub filled with mud. He whimpers and tells Michi to tell the "Wilden Kerle" that they cannot treat him like that.

At the match for the field, Sense begins the game. He shoots the third goal for the "Sieger".

He alongside the other "Sieger" leave the football field when they are defeated.

To prevent the "Wilden Kerle" to spread tales of their victory, the "Sieger" serve the "Wilden Kerle" at their field, with Sense bringing them drinks.