Senor Pink (セニョール・ピンク Senyōru Pinku) is an executive of  Donquixote PiratesDiamante's army.




Senor Pink has been involved with the Donquixote Pirates for at least sixteen years, back when Doflamingo's brother, Corazon, still held a position as an elite officer for the crew. During this time, Senor met a woman named Luccianne, whom he fell in love with and eventually married. Due to the latter's detestment of pirates, Senor managed to keep his identity as a pirate hidden, instead passing off as an ordinary banker. The two eventually bore a son, whom they named Gimlett. However, the infant died while Senor was away on a business trip with the Donquixote Family. After Lucianne discovered her husband was a pirate, she ran away and fell victim to a landslide, which caused her to enter a permanent vegetative state. Regretful, Senor Pink adopted his current persona by wearing Gimlett's bonnet and frequenting Lucianne at a hospital in order to make her smile, which succeeded despite his wife's emotionless state. After Lucianne's death, Senor Pink resumed his role in the Donquixote Family and partook in the takeover of Dressrosa by Doflamingo.

During the Straw Hats time on Dressrosa, Senor Pink engaged Franky in a heated duel, which eventually turned into a test of endurance and will. After he willingly took a direct hit from Franky's Strong Hammer, he performed another suplex. After Franky declared to the dwarves that he would withstand every attack, Senor Pink challenged Franky with Baby Buster. The attack failed to defeat the cyborg and while taking a beating from Franky's "Iron Boxing", Pink began to reminisce about his departed wife and son. Pink shed a tear upon falling to the ground. Franky respectfully wiped Pink's tear and told him that he would like to hear about the story about his loved ones over a few drinks.