Commander Sendak (Full Picture)

Commander Sendak is one Zarkon's commander and one minor villain in Voltron: Legendary Defender. He has mechanical arm and he will make every effort to obtain the Zarkon's popularity. When the Blue Lion returned, Zarkon took to contact him, and told him that Allura, daughter of Alfor, live in hiding in his area. Zarkon also believe that he knew the locations of the missing Lions of Voltron. And then he headed into the Arus. When Voltron was created, it destroyed his ship. But Sendak and his minion, Haxus, fled before the explosion. Later Zarkon challenged them to prove their worth conquering the Castle of Lions, but they failed when Haxus passed away and Sendak was taken prisoner. But later Shiro raised and released him, he is now still stranded off.