Senator Tate was an enemy of Captain America.


Tate went with Captain America to Nicaragua were peace talks took place between the communist Sandinistas and Contras. There Tate hired mercenaries to kill Contras in ceasefire zones. He gave face playing cards to the mercenaries and told them to place them on the victims. The next day the war waged again and Tate told Captain America that these kills were the reason why they couldn't trust the Communists. On his flight back home Tate wanted to play poker and asked the stewardess for a new deck. Cap remembered that Tate put a fresh deck into his case on his trip to Nicaragua and took the thrown away deck from the garbage only to find all face playing cards missing. Cap now knew that Tate was responsible for the failing of the peace talks. Back in America Cap gave all the evidence he had against Tate to the authorities. A warrant against Tate was issued and Cap planned to stay with Tate until the arrest.

Tate held a speech and talked about the fact finding mission with Captain America in Nicaragua. Suddenly a group of mercenaries attacked and Captain America had to protect Tate from their bullets. Tate was brought to safety by security while Cap took care of the mercenaries. Afterwards Tate thanked Captain America, but Cap accused Tate of staging this attempted assassination to blame the Sandinistas and get Captain America's support for his plans in Nicaragua. Cap opposed Tate with everything he had found out about him in Nicaragua and told him that the authorities had already issued a warrant against Tate. The police arrested Tate, but he didn't care because the media only saw how Captain America saved him in front of the cameras. The next day Tate's words were proven true as the news only reported about Captain America saving Tate from South American terrorists and no word was said about Tate's arrest.