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senator skull


-Senator Skull

Senator Skull is the leader of the evil sinistras and the primary antagonist of the Thumb Wrestling Federation.


Vincent Arthur Skullberg was a calm child but was often bullied. To get back at them he trainer to be an expert fighter and became very evil. He got revenge but he wanted the whole world. He joined the TWF and formed the evil sinistras. During the first season he doninated all his opponents. He almost made it to the championship but his second in command The Big Time got him disqualified. In the second season he made it to the championship and fought Mr. Extremo. He cheated and used clones of himself. He almost won but his clones turned on him when he didn't appreciate a good stunt. in the third season he lost a match with Face Off Phil but after he lost he decided to stop fighting and be more of s coach. When Buck Gazillion won the championship he betrayed Skull and became the leader. Skull had to work as a frycook but later recruited some of the sinistras that quit and retook his leadership.

Special Attack

His special move is the skull revenge shocker which gives off an electirc shock to the opponent.