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You needn't lift a finger, countless lives will be saved by your head alone
~ Selvan to Protea
Count Selvan is an assistant of Queen Protea and a master tactician from Granorg, together with High Colonel Dias, they are the tertiary main antagonists in both the regular and alternate timeline of the DS videogame Radiant Historia. They're the ones pulling the strings of the kingdom's government, with him being the administrator of the kingdom, and the brains of the operation and Dias being the brawn. Even since before the game begins he had a commoner known as Protea ascend to the throne of Granorg by marrying the late King Victor, and made her stay until the right time. He believes that his plan would ultimately lead Granorg to glory. In the alternate history he and Dias join forces with Hugo and sell out their own queen for little more than power.

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