Sellon is the tertiary antagonist of Bakugan Mechtanium Surge. She is the leader of Team Sellon along with Team Anubias.


In many people eyes, Sellon is known to be elegant, serious, cool, polite and honorable brawler. All this persona is make she admire by many people, even her own teammate, Chris and Soon.

Behind all of her positive persona, Sellon actually known as perfect manipulator, extremely calculated and clever strategist to know about situation for do her mission.Even she very smart to lie and her strategy is enough effective to Shun Kazami, who known to be clever identify the person true nature. Even thought Sellon clearly manipulate her teammate and make them fall into depressed and broken heart, Sellon voice encourage them to keep their focuses and fight with confident just like herself (in deleted scene, with her spirit is appear to her teammate), foreshadowed Sellon probably have redeemed after her death.


Sellon is an artificial Neathian just like Fabia Sheen who was the queen of Neathia, but unlike Fabia, Sellon is an villainess who has her true form of Neathian, she forced Shun to become the new leader of the Battle Brawlers.

Sellon enters in New Vestroia with her true form, she uses Iron Dragonoids, Flash Ingram, the Mechtogans to defeat Dan and Drago, but Dan and Drago manage to call Zenthon and Zenthon Titan to defeat both of all evil Bakugans.

Sellon later steal Dan's key for Mag Mel, but Mag Mel betrays her and absorbs her in the process in order to increase his power. After Sellon's demise, the Team Sellon joins the brawlers and her voice hear by her teammate to encourage them in the last episode.