Selkirk Tander is the main antagonist of Air Buddies. He is a greedy man trying to earn $500,000 from Mr. Livington by having Air Budand his family dognapped.


At the beginning, Selkirk was seen trying to give Bartleby a pet tiger. However, Bartleby tells him and his father that he wanted an animal that he could "play" with; "Air Bud". Selkirk informs Mr. Livington that only one Air Bud exists. He was offered $500,000 if he could get a hold of him. He sends Denning and Grim, his idiot nephew, out to do the job.

After seeing that they captured both Air Bud and Molly, he suddenly realizes that they already had 5 golden retriever puppies and that they weren't captured. Selkirk knows they would be worth a fortune. He threatens them that if they don't get the buddies, Grim and Denning become the tiger's lunch.

Later, he discovers that the puppies came to his manor, Bartelby was so impressed that Mr. Livington gave Selkirk the money he had longed for. After learning that the buddies escaped, he and Mr. Livington went back in the manor to find them. Noah and Henry rolled a few barrels that chased them away. The big vat of wine also breaks and the wine pushed them out of the manor. In the end, Selkirk gets arrested by the Sheriff Bob. 


  • Selkirk is constantly believed to be the secondary antagonist of the film.