Self defense
The Self-Defence Teacher appeared in the "Self Defense Against Fresh Fruit" sketch in Monty Python's Flying Circus.


He is an insane self-defense teacher who teaches his students how to defend themselfs against fresh fruit. He is very loud and yells every sentence. When he makes one student demonstrate with a banana, he shoots the student with a handgun. When makes another student demonstrate with a rasberry, he drops the famous Monty Python 16-ton weight on the student. When the two remaining students reluctantly demonstrate with rasberries, he releases the tiger. He proceeds to talk to imaginary students, beliving he's surrounde by enemies, and threatens he's filled the room with nitroglyciren, and if they come for him he will blow them all sky high. A second later, he screams "right you asked for it" and blows the room along with himself up, killing him.