I am Selena, Diodenes of Catania, Priestess of Sekhnet. I am the Ultimate Siren of Endor.
~ Selena

Selena is the main antagonist and an evil witch of Supergirl movie.

She is portrayed by Faye Dunaway, who also portrayed Mrs. Dubrow.


Selena, impatient to be the most powerful sorceress in the world discovered the Omegahedron from Argo City and planned to use it for evil by taking over the world just like Lex Luthor did. She has also captured Supergirl's love interest, Ethan in her evil palace and sends Supergirl to the Phantom Zone where she loses her Kryptonian powers and became powerless, But escaped from the prison dimension with a help from Zaltar. Supergirl returns back to Earth and challenges Selena and defeats her and Bianca into the vortex, whilst the girl of steel took the Omegahedron back.


Selena was a cruel and ruthless woman who would stop at nothing to achieve her dream of world conquest even if others had to suffer. She was also extremely vain, thinking of herself as the ultimate sorceress. As Supergirl put it she had no friends and treated everyone as if they were made to serve her. She even tried to kill her only friend Bianca when she tried to escape.