Sela TV series


Sela was a conniving vixen and a villain in the first book of the Redwall series, as well as the first season of the TV series.

She was the mother of Chickenhound (later known as Slagar the Cruel) and resided in Mossflower Woods as a healer. Together she and her son lived with an unnamed band of foxes. Sela had golden eyes, and was a crafty double-dealer of information. When she was ordered to heal Cluny the Scourge, she and her son were able to steal his combat plans. However, Cluny intended for this to happen. The plans said that Cluny was going to use only a battering ram when in reality, he intended to use the ram and tunnel to get into Redwall Abbey.

When it was discovered that Sela was giving information to the Redwallers, Cluny had the two foxes speared by his soldiers. Their bodies were thrown into a ditch. Sela died from her wounds, yet Chickenhound survived thanks to the medical care of Redwallers. In the Redwall TV Series, Sela was injured by Matthias and caught by Constance. She was then slain by Cluny's horde soon after.