Sekto (also known as Mr. Sekto, Sekto the Oktigi, and/or the Sekto Demon) is the main antagonist of Oddworld Stranger's Wrath and its remake Stranger's Wrath HD


member of the Oktigi species of the Octigi family. Using the Olden Steef as a host body the parasite used the steef to create the Sekto Springs Dam on Mongo River, Sekto employed the aide of the Wolvarks to maintain his facilities along the Mongo River, and banned the native Grubbs from fishing in the river. Mr. Sekto likes to collect Steef heads, and has an impressive collection in his office atop Sekto Springs Dam. The native Grubbs often refer to him as "Sekto Demon" for reasons that are partially known because they trusted him but he betrayed them for personal gain and did not free the water like he was prophesised to do.

When Olden is finally released from Sekto's grasp he is revealed to be pale, weak, somewhat blind and covered in several suction cup marks. This was caused by the years of having a parasite attatched to his body. After asking if the water is free, meaning if the dam is destroyed, he perishes in front of Stranger and the Grubbs. Stranger slowly closes his eyes out of respect while the Grubbs mourn their fallen leader. Sekto is later seen swimming away in the Mongo River.


  • He is arguably the only Oddworld villain to succeed in his goal. Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus ended with Abe successfully saving his brothers, and Munch's Oddysee ended on a hopeful note that the Gabbits would be repopulated, but with Stranger's Wrath, there's no indication that there are any other Steefs aside from the Stranger. Even if the Stranger lives a full life, when he dies, the Steefs will go extinct.
  • While most other Oddworld villains were motivated by business, Sekto was motivated by his prejudice against the Steefs.