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Sekai Saioniji is a girl from the infamous anime series known as School days, she is a student in year one, class
Sekai Saionji
three who is an antithesis foil of Kotonoha Katsura. A playful and outgoing
Makoto is dead!

Makoto killed by Sekai

classmate seated directly next to Makoto, she takes a curious interest in him during their first acquaintance, and in every medium of the series, helps to establish his bond with Kotonoha.


In the anime she is trying to set Makoto and Kotonoha in a relation but ultimately fails when Sekai fell in love with Makoto, She often prevents Makoto to come back to Kotonoha in fear of losing him, She often caught Makoto cheating on her with other girls, including Setsuna (Sekai's best friend), when Sekai finds out Kotonoha and Makoto are together she got devastated and stabbed Makoto to death on later to get killed by Kotonoha fatally in the neck and stomach.


In the manga, Kotonoha very nearly kills Sekai for luring Makoto away from her but accidentally slashes Makoto himself, who gets admitted to a hospital, she then got insane in shock of being killed and killed Kotonoha to prevent her from harming Makoto.

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