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The realm of Seido is founded upon the principles of law and order, not freedom. Freedom leads to anarchy. Anarchy leads to Chaos. Chaos leads to suffering.
~ The words of the Seidan Guard about the realm of Seido.

The Seidan Guard (or the Seidan Guardsmen) is a military force that serves as the law enforcement of the highly advanced civilization of Seido, the Realm of Order, and strictly responsible for everything that goes on within it for centuries. They are one of many organizations in the Mortal Kombat universe.

Hotaru is in charge of this police force as their supreme commander and honored soldier while because of his chivalry, zealotry, and love for order, is being hailed as a hero in recorded Seiden History.

These men are at war with not only the inhabitants of the Chaosrealm and Havik the Cleric of Chaos who represent disorder and anarchy, but also the Seiden resistance movement led by their leader Darrius who seek independent freedom for the realm of Seido.


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