Seeker Drone

The Seeker Drone was one of the robots built after the resurrection of the Fabrication Machine on the movie 9.


Seekers had a big balloon shaped croissant on its back that were was also supported by a small flame that also leave within robo coast, giving them the ability to fly like a balloon. 

They had two big red eyes and two arms, which can adjust the bellows to pump back the fire in its balloon or sound an alarm. The alarm sounds a lot like a siren of the Second World War, they were also used as guards of the factory, to warn of intruders, they had a set of floodlights located on the bottom of them 

They also collect garbage and waste around the city, so the machine can build more manufacturing machines with that garbage.



  • A Seeker appears in the top right corner of the 9 DVD cover.
  • The balloon on its back was probably made out of old parachutes.