Seebik is a villain from Ben 10: Omniverse who first appeared in the episode called Hot Stretch.

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Seebik has light blueish skin, purple hair, big white eyebrows and violet face and body marks. He has a large body built even for a Kraaho, he normaly wears blue winter clothes and underneath them he wears a traditional Kraaho outfit.


After Ester's father, the previous leader of the Kraaho, died, Seebik took over as the leader of their tribe.

He then turned the kraaho into thieves.


In Hot Stretch, He planned to bring magma out on Earth's crust and make it a new colony for the Kraaho but was defeated by Ben and Rook. After being defeated, he unwillingly passed the leadership of the Kraaho onto Ester.

In Special Delivery, he, alongside a few other Kraaho loyal to him were among the villains who were attempting to take the Dwarf Star from Ben. When Ben asked Seebik if Ester knew what they were doing, he replied "I hope not," implying that he was going rogue.