Template:Infobox Helghast Security Troopers are military police operatives of the Helghast Security Forces and are one of the reoccuringg antagonists in Killzone Shadow Fall. They are put in charge of protecting and defending New Helghan and are under the command of the sadistic High Commander, Anton Saric.



Following the establishment of the State of New Helghan, the security forces were formed and were created as the new military armed forces against the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance after the disastrous of the Helghasts at the end of the Second Extrasolar War. The Security Troopers are one of the divisions and appear to be the domestic front for the Security Forces often showing up at border and other military checkpoints and are more lighlty armed than other divisions.

Black Hand Insurgency

Around 2381 The Black Hand was founded and soon launched an insurgency against both New Helghan and West Vekta under the leadership of the fanatical Vladko Tyran. The overall backstory of the Black Hand is vague, but it is possible that the Black Hand's terrorist attacks had possibly lead to a beef up of security and increased military presence. In 2390, Security Troopers are stationed at many parts of New Helghan especially the slums and do routine checkups of civilians.


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