A wizard

The second overlord is the surprise-main antagonist in the first Overlord video-game, who possessed the body of the Wizard, one of the Seven Heroes.


It is never revealed what he looked like before, but as the Wizard, he is a tall, old man with a long white beard. He is dressed in a blue coat and hood with red robes hanging from it, and carries around a long, ornamented staff.


As an Overlord, he has a natural affinity for evil deeds. Though he seems to have a more refined manner of doing things than his son-in-law and grandson, who mostly relied on military might. Instead of trying to kill the seven heroes who caused his defeat, he convinced them to abuse their power and become hated by their own people. He didn't reveal his true identity or reclaimed his throne until they had all been defeated, once again showing an impressive amount of cunning and patience.

It is under debate whether Velvet and Rose were his own daughters or the Wizards, but he was obviously not the most loving parent, since he threatened to kill them if they betrayed him.

Powers and abilities

He was easily capable of stealing all the second Overlord's spells and control over the minions. While fighting, he was mainly seen using magical tornados and force-fields that could only be broken by a specific kind of minion. But his most impressive feat is undoubtedly the manipulation over souls, a power he first used to switch bodies with the Wizard, and later to try to destroy the third Overlord.