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Sechs is the main antagonist in XBlaze Code: Embryo as well as being one of the fabled Ten Sages.


A Magician with the title of 6 in the Ten Sages, Sechs is a magical genius who was chosen to be a Saint at the mere age of 18. He has a vast amount of skills and his knowledge in the fields of magic are incredible; he is well known for being one of the first to explore magic-induced gravity fields. Sechs also has a strong relationship with Acht, but whether her feelings are reciprocated or not is unknown.He meets his end up Touya and Es.


Sechs is a tall and slender man with a few similar traits to other Murakumo Units. He has messy, shoulder-length white hair with a black streak shaped like a V and piercing green eyes. He wears an open, red-collared shirt with a black blazer, a long jacket, black trousers, and black shoes.

Power and Abilities

Sechs wields one of the legendary Legacy Weapons - Manifestation Demolition Blade: Kusanagi.


  • Sechs shares his hair color, eye color, clothing color, and Japanese voice actor with Ragna the Bloodedge.
  • 'Sechs' is the German word for six.

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