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Sebastian Smythe is a recurring character and main secondary antagonist of Glee. he is a new lead singer of the dalton academy warblers. Sebastian known as the main antagonist in Season 3 in the begining of his introduction. Sebastian has a vendetta against New Directions since he got more jealous of them. in Season 4 ,he demoted in the warbler because of his evil ways then he becomes a "Antihero" later through the series when he redeemed himself.
Sebastian Smythe

Villainous Acts

Season 3

  • He assulted Blaine with a slushi fill with rocks and salt during the dance battle.
  • He Saying Harsh Words to Karofsky about his Sexuality and His Weight. it's possibly Why Karofsky Attempt Committed Suicied
  • He Took a picture of Finn Naked Without Finn Knowing it.
  • He Blackmailed and Bullying New Directions for Various Reasons.

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