[watching Watson made something moving behind a cover]
What are you playing at?
[cover falls off to reveal a cannon aimed at him]
That's not fair.
~ Moran in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Colonel Sebastian Moran is the villain of the Sherlock Holmes short story The Adventure of the Empty House. He is a former colonel of the British Army who later turns to crime and becomes Professor Moriarty's chief of staff. He is known as the best shot in the army and is extremely skilled with a sniper rifle. In the film Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, he serves as the secondary antagonist and is played by Paul Anderson.

Holmes once described him as "the second most dangerous man in London" - the most dangerous being Professor Moriarty, Moran's employer.

Other adaptations

In the modern adaption Sherlock, a Lord Moran appears in the first episode of the third series "The Empty Hearse" as a Member of Parliament, who plans to blow it up in a terrorist attack. He is uncredited and no connection is given between him and James Moriarty.