You are Colonel Sebastian Doyle. Section chief of CGI. Head of the Ministry of Alteration. You change people, sir. You change them from being alive people, to being dead people. To purify democracy. No one has done more to purge the ballot boxes than the Voter Colonel.
~ The cop
You have always prided yourself on being a good man; a man of moral courage. So, when you thought you were a mass-murdering butcher in a totalitarian state: despair. Despair destined to drive you over the edge.
~ Kryten to Lister

Colonel Sebastian Doyle is the secondary antagonist from the Red Dwarf episode Back to Reality. He is the man Lister believes himself to be when attacked by a Despair Squid.

He is portrayed by Craig Charles.


When the Boys from the Dwarf have hallucinations, they wake up in the alternate reality, only to find out Red Dwarf is only the TIV game they have played for four years. When they open their suitcases to learn their "real" identities, Lister discovers that his name is Sebastian Doyle, he works for a company called CGI and has expensive clothes, jewels and a limousine. He also finds out that Rimmer is his half-brother, William - poor and smelly alcoholic.

When they enter the garage, they stop the fascist cop who is about to shoos down a small girl for "stealing an apple of people". The cop sentences the Boys to death as enemies of the state when Lister steps out of the shadows. The surprised cop recognizes him as Voter Colonel Sebastian Doyle - CGI section chief and head of the Ministry of Alteration. He explains them that the Boys are in the fascist world where everyone betrays their own family and friends to authorities and where the police "purify" democracy by killing people who oppose the government. Moreover, it is all led by Sebastian Doyle! Also, the reason why he played the game, is that he had enough of his work and wanted to renew himself for a while.

Sebastian and William Doyle

Sebastian and William Doyle

Suddenly, the small girl runs away from the shadows, but the cop notices her. He is about to shoot her, but Kryten kills him in order to protect the child. This causes that other fascist policemen run after the Boys across the city.

As Lister has always prided himself on being a good man of moral courage, it is hard for him to accept the fact he is "a mass-murdering butcher in a totalitarian state". This almost leads him to commit a suicide before Holly is able to bring the Boys back to reality.


  • Although this fascist world is actually only a hallucination, according to the dimensional theory it still exists, so Doyle's dictatorship continues.
  • Sebastian and William Doyle look identically to Lister and Rimmer, except for their hairstyles, in opposite of the Cat and Kryten who changed their personal appearances more.