Seath the Scaleless is one of the bosses and a major antagonist in Dark Souls.

Envious and dissatisfied by the fact that he was born as the blind mortal dragon, he chooses to switch side with Lord Gwyn and sought alternate means to be immortal for centuries. He eventually met his downfall after his Primordial Crystal destroyed by Chosen Undead, the protagonist of the game due to the reward of his cooperation with Lord Gwyn, Bequeathed Lord Soul Shard, gave him odds with the hero.



He is an albino dragon who was born without scales. Not having scales means he lacked the immortality that all other dragons possessed. Out of jealousy of the other dragons, he betrayed them, siding with Lord Gwyn in the war against his brethren. After the Everlasting Dragons were wiped out and Gwyn emerged victorious, he granted Seath the title of Duke and Bequeathed Lord Soul Shard out of gratitude for his aid in the war.

Quest with Immortality

Seath eventually went insane in researching the Scales of Immortality as he could never have them for himself. However, he no longer requires the Scales as his research into the Primordial Crystal (which he stole from the dragons) resulted in him becoming an Undead, and thus, immortal. He has his servants abduct women for him to perform experiments on and is able to use sorcery to create life from nothing. It is suggested that he is the father of Crossbreed Priscilla.

Imprisoning Chosen Undead


Personality and Traits

In spite being a dragon, his appearance was different with dragons that you all know in myth. First of all, he lacked scales that exposed his pinkish skin. While his head more like that of an actual dragon's with long neck, his body is more centaur-esque except he had slug-like lower body instead of horse's that had two tentacles on the sides as legs. Seath's upper body and arms resembles that of a human than other dragons and three pairs of wings that more insectoid compared with other dragons'. He also blinds, but his sorcery allowed him to perceive his surroundings.

Grown envious and bitter by the fact that he was the most different and defect of his kind, he chooses to betray his brethren by joining the Lords, particularly Gwyn, when discovered that their powers can shatter Everlasting Dragons which render them mortal. He also arrogant and power hunger, believe that he could gain immortality for himself and seemingly success with Primordial Crystal. His obsession and immortality not only resulting the loss of the innocence of women that he mainly turned into monsters, but also him became insane in his pursuit of his goal. With him being an undead due to Primordial Crystal's power that prevented his death, he believes that he can live forever. This and the reward of his betrayal, however, proved to be his downfall.

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  • The name Seath is from the dragon with the same name in King's Field, he's the rival of another dragon named Guyra (who Black Dragon Kalameet is based on).
  • He's also connected with the Moonlight Sword, a symbolic recurring weapon from King's Field.
  • Seath is similar with Lord Voldemort due to both tries to achieve immortality through powerful objects (Voldemort creating Horcruxes to keep his soul in mortal world whilst Seath uses Primordial Crystal to be immortal though not without corrupted into undead state), ruined innocence of many lives (Seath turned his abducted victims into monsters whilst Voldemort's reign of terror and murder both ruined innocence of those whom either lost their relatives of fortunate enough to survive his confrontation), and caused a series of events of their downfall by the hero (Seath's imprisonment on Chosen Undead with the same cage with Big Hat Logan allowed the hero to learn the true nature of the evil dragon's immortality whilst Voldemort's usage on his ancestor's Basilisk led the protagonists having the weapon to destroyed his Horcruxes in form of the beast's fangs that coated with poison that can destroy any Horcruxes).