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The Seamstress is a quaternary antagonist in the 2009 animated film 9 and one of the three machines that the B.R.A.I.N. created to eliminate 9 and co. It resembles a snake made entirely out of fabric, wears a half-mutilated doll face to cover half of its face, and has a pair of three metallic insect-like legs. The Seamstress hypnotizes its victims by creating flashing lights emitted from the eyes of a Stitchpunk's corpse and bind them with a spool thread. The Seamstress's distinct rattling hiss indicates the nearness of the mechanical snake.

In the film, the Seamstress captured 7 and 8 using the corpse of 2, causing 9 and the other remaining Stitchpunks to chase the fabricated beast to the factory. 9 goes into the factory and rescues 7, but 8 has his soul removed by the Fabrication Machine. 9 used a fake dummy to attach it to the Seamstress's body and hoisted the Seamstress to two rotating gears, thus crushing and killing the reptilian menace.


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