Seahorses de motivator by srbarker-d52003q
Are you watching The Room? You know that is outlawed!
~ The Seahorses

The Seahorses are the minor antagonists in the Nostalgia Critic's review of The Room. The Seahorses somehow took over the future and had banned the viewing of Tom Wiseau's infamous film, The Room.

The Room

The Critic reviewed the film, The Room, when his fans pressured him into reviewing it. His future self came to warn him of the film saying that it was banned in the future for unexplained reasons. He then takes his present self into the future way back to 2003 and they did the review in the basement. It is then that Future Critic revealed that the Seahorses became the supreme rulers of the future. He stated that it seemed odd that no one saw this coming.

The Seahorses later caught on to the Critic's actions and attempted to seize him and his future self. The Future Critic and the Current Critic escaped capture by getting into Future Critic's car, and returning to the present.