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Seadramon was the fourth digimon that the DigiDestined encountered (in order Kuwagamon, Shellmon, and 2 Monochromon), and also a minor villain in Digimon Adventure 01 and Digimon Fusion.


Seadramon is a Champion Level Digimon that resembles a giant sea serpent with greenish-blue skin, a red tail, and a yellow head.

Digimon Adventures 01

During their first night in the Digital World, the DigiDestined come across an abandoned trolley car on the shores of Dragon's Eye Lake, where they decide to spend the night. However, Tai and Agumon accidentally strike a large, red, leaf-like object with an ember from the fire, and it turns out to be the tail of a very angry Seadramon, who retaliates by dragging the chunk of shore with the trolley car on it to the middle of the lake. Matt is the only one not on that part of the shore and leaps into the water to save the others. Seadramon notices him and grabs him with his coils. To save him, Gabumon digivolves to Garurumon for the first time and battles Seadramon, defeating him with his Howling Blaster technique.

Digimon Fusion

A huge Army of Seadramon were members of the Bagra Army. They all serve for of the Bagra Army generals; Neptunemon. Some were taken out by MailBirdramon, some were attracted to MarineAngemon Digi-Memory, and the rest spewed ice onto the water. It is unknown what happened to the Seadramon after Neptunemon's defeat.



  • Ice Blast
  • Water Breath
  • Ice Winder


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