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Sea Wolf was an enemy of Aquaman, All-Star Squadron and the Young All-Stars

Sea Wolf was a lyncanthropic Nazi super-agent who was created to work as a member of Axis Amerika. He originally appeared unto former Japanese super-agent Tsunami to offer her membership in Axis Amerika, but when she turned it down, Sea Wolf swore that he would become her enemy. He has made good on that threat as he confronted time and again both her and her fellow Young All-Stars member Neptune Perkins.

Sea Wolf has been a prisoner of Enclave A since the ending days of World War II. He told the members of the Freedom Force this before they were thrown into an underground level with an unknown species. He may have broken out of other high risk prisons in the past. He has battled Aquaman on two occassions and was seen during the Infinite Crisis.

Maria Ackhiem

Maria Ackhiem (Earth-X)

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