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The Sea Rhinoceros

The Sea Rhinoceros is a fictional creature briefly mentioned and shown in "The Camping Episode" in Spongebob Squarepants.

It is a large shark with a body like a turtle and a rhinoceros's head.

It is possible to ward off the Sea Rhinoceros by wearing anti-Sea Rhinoceros undergarments.

These creatures are attracted to the sound of a Sea Bear attack, possibly picking up dead meat (like vultures), if the sea bear has killed and/or eaten anything and has something left over. They are easily twice the size of a Sea Bear.

Attracting a Sea Rhino

  • Hearing the sound of a Sea Bear attack (Sea Bear are likely their natural enemies.)


The only way to prevent a Sea Rhino is to wear Anti-Sea Rhinoceros Undergarments.


  • Like the sea bear ironically, a sea rhinoceros appeared in the anime series One Piece but with a sightly different appearance and possibly a different behavior during the Fishman Island Saga Arc. Many Spongebob fans and One Piece fans consider this as a joke.

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