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All right, who's the DEAD MAN that hit me with the saltshaker?!
~ Sea Bass

Sea Bass is a homosexual trucker who travels the country. He is a minor antagonist in Dumb and Dumber.


He is first seen in the same diner as Lloyd and Harry, having lunch with his fellow thugish red-neck truckers. After Harry unknowingly accidentally hits him with the salt shaker, Harry tries to appologize for a mistake not knowing he was back there, but rather than accept his appology, he gets revenge (with encouragement by one of his thugs) by spitting in Harry's burger literally thus wasting his food and money. However, a cunning and persistant Lloyd get revenge by lying to Sea Bass and his friends about wanting to buy them a round of beers to bury the hatchet. Sea Bass ask them to make it four boiler makers. Lloyd lies to the cashier about Sea Bass and the fellows offering to pick up their check adding with their tab. Sea Bass makes a gesture for the beer to brought to them, the cashier thinks Sea Bass wants to pay everything for them and adds their bill in with Sea Bass's bill. As a result, Lloyd and Harry then leave the diner (with other bits of food Harry took as a replacement for his contaminated burger). Discovering he had been scamed, swindled, cheated, and flim-flamed, Sea Bass and his men threaten to kill the duo, but are too late to find them after they've already taken off minutes ago.

Just before Lloyd and Harry make to the Colorado state line, they stop and get gas at a service station. While Harry is aquainting and flirting with a woman named Beth Jordan, Lloyd uses the restroom. In the stall he's in, he sees a message saying to be in that stall on March 25th at 2:15 A.M., for manly love. Scared, Lloyd hearing someone coming in, locks the stall, but Sea Bass (who wrote the message on the wall) busts the door down and gets in. Sea Bass finally gets the revenge he had been waiting for since the diner incident by trying to sexually molest Lloyd before he kills him. The plan is, however, then thwarted by Harry (who set his left pant leg on fire) after he busts down the door, knocking Sea Bass out in the process while his pants are down, and putting out the fire in the toilet. It's never mentioned what happened to Sea Bass soon after, but it is most likely he still plots revenge on the pair.

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