'Señor Hurtado' (also known as José Antonio Mena, Ricardo de Pascual and Benny Ibarra) is a suspicious man (actually a thief) who lives in the
Vecindad, and appeared in a single episode conveniently named "El Ladrón De La Vecindad".

His felonies are charged to Chavo by mistake (which results in everyone in the vecindad accusing El Chavo of theft, causing him to temporarily leave the vecindad in a nocturnal scene full of sorrow, thus making this one of the saddest scenes of the series), but he ultimately returns the stolen objects, restoring Chavo's innocence towards his neighbors - however, Hurtado never does claim the robberies himself. His name is reference to the Spanish word "hurtado", implying he's, in fact, a thief ("hurtar" is Spanish for "to steal").

In the English dub of the animated series, he is known as "Mr. Crookley".

In Brazil, his name was changed to Seu Furtado (in english: "Mister Thelf").