The "Scuzzbuckets" are minor villains in Wander Over Yonder. They're a group of criminals who worked with his old friend, Ryder, in his crimes and also had the Key to Lord Hater's Hidden Galactic storage station. Until Ryder betrayed them and take the key with the goal of keep it all stolen treasures to himself. Currently, they have abandoned the bounty hunting business in order to become a group of conquerors.


Their leader is a buff pig-like humanoid whit black hair, a pair of horns pointing upwards, blue pants, black gloves and black shoes. The rest of members are composed by: a rat-fly hybrid, a light blue creature with fingers for hands and an erupting volcano head, and a humanoid fly.


Wander, Sylvia and the Rider went to Weasel's Watering Hole to find the location of the storage facility. The seedy bartender sayd he could do it for a pretty price, and Sylvia grabbed his nose. Wander politely told him that it was for a charitable reason, and Ryder asked Wander to go outside and see who needed help. Wander came back seconds later, bringing the Skuzzbuckets with him. He sayd that they wanted the coordinates he promised them, but instead Sylvia and Ryder grabbed the coordinates and busted through the gang.

They engaged in a gunfight as Sylvia hotwired a cruiser. She asked them to cover her, and Ryder handed Wander a blaster. He mimiced the gun noises, not actually shooting. Frustrated, Ryder asked him to actually shoot them, but Wander climbed atop the boxes and informed the Skuzzbuckets that they would be returning fire. Sylvia flied off with Ryder in the stolen ship, leaving Wander behind to write a letter about how they will return it. They promptly came back and plucked Wander off the planet and into the ship.

But the Skuzzbuckets had their own ships. Sylvia then told Wander that he could help by not touching anything. However, Wander noticed that they were heading right for a mess of blimps and ships. Ryder planed to smash right through them as a distraction, but at the last moment Wander took control and swerved the ship, barely avoiding all the people. Their ship was suddenly blasted by the leader of the gang, and they saw that the only shelter is Hater's galactic storage facility. They performed technique number 9,699 together as Wander asked what he can do to help. The Skuzzbucket leader crashed and the 3 landed in the storage.