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Ennead is the Scutum saint of the XXI century. He is loyal to Athena, but thinks she is Aria, and Mars is a Athena new ally, so, obey his orders.


Ennead goes protect the Castle of Mars when Kouga and Yuna goes there to rescue Aria. The two bronze saints arrive at the castle, with his shield, protects himself from the attacks of Kouga and Yuna. Souma arrives and stops the fight to start a battle against Ennead melee. After the battle, Souma beats Ennead.

After the war ends, Ennead goes to fight against Pallas, as a hero that know who is the true Athena. Ennead tries to protect a little girl that went to the forest where had fun with a bunny in that forest and was frozen together it. But, Ennead is easily defeated by Thebe.

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