The Scuttler Queen

The Scuttler Queen

The Scuttler Queen is a vicious monster and a minor villainess in Stylized versions of Ghostbusters: The Video Game. She appeared in the Lost Island Rising Level (stylized version).

She is the Queen of the Black Slime Scuttlers, and she does not scan as "Scuttler Queen". However, the game brings her up, and warns of her. Like all other Black Slime Scuttlers, she is created from the Black Slime itself.


In the Slime Labs, after liberating Egon Spengler from a large containment tank, head back up the stairs. At the top, go left walk down the hall on the left. Neutralize any Black Slime along the way. The hall should take you to a small room inhabited by the Scuttler Queen. When she's surrounded by Black Slime, the Queen is impervious to attacks.

While the other Ghostbusters take on the Black Slime Scuttlers, use Slime Mines on the Black Slime in the room. Once the Black Slime is gone, disperse the Queen's P.K.E. with the Blast Stream and occasionally shoot a Boson Dart. Be sure to watch out for her projectiles and spawn. You may have to back up into the hallway to regain health.

Dispersing the Queen also gets rid of a Spirit Lock on one of the doors in the room Peter Venkman was held in. Leave the Queen's room through the door that was behind her then go left and enter the door on the left in the next room to continue the level.


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