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Scott 'Scut' Farkus

Full Name
Scut Farkus
Scott Farkus, Scotty Farkus
Neighborhood bully
Bullying Ralphie
Make kids say "uncle"
Type of Villain
Kid Villain

Listen, jerk! When I tell you to come, you better come!
~ Scut to Ralphie

Scut Farkus is the main antagonist of A Christmas Story. He is the neighborhood bully who picks on Ralphie Parker, his friends Flick and Schwartz and Ralphie's brother Randy. Scut has a right-hand man named Grover Dill.



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In A Christmas Story

Scut first appears when Ralphie, Flick, Schwartz, and Randy are walking and he laughs at them. He pushes Randy down and scares Ralphie and his friends. They run into Scut's toadie Grover Dill, who brings them back to Scut Farkus. Scut grabs Schwartz and makes him say "uncle" and pushes him away. Grover then scares them away. Grover then gives Scut a friendly punch, with Scut punching him back. Later in the movie he chases after Ralphie and his friends in fast motion. After school he again chases Ralphie and his friends in fast motion.

Later, before school, he scares Ralphie and his friends, and Grover tells Ralphie to come to them. Ralphie and Schwartz run off, leaving Flick, who Scut makes say "uncle". After school Scut hits Ralphie with a snowball and tells him that when he tells Ralphie to come, he better come. Ralphie starts crying, and Scut calls him a crybaby.

Ralphie gets annoyed by his taunting and then gets angry (though "flat out loses it" might be a better term) and charges at him, knocking him to the ground. Ralphie proceeds to beat up Farkus. When Grover tries to help Scut, Ralphie punches him, and Grover runs away. The other kids come and watch, and Randy, Schwartz, and Flick squeeze through the fence to get a better look. Randy takes Ralphie's glasses, which had fallen off, and runs to get their mom. While fighting him, Ralphie starts swearing non-stop, shocking the other kids. Randy comes with their mom, who pulls Ralphie off of Scut. After they leave, Scut gets up (now with a bloody nose and a loss of pride) and Schwartz and Flick walk away.

In It Runs in the Family (later known as My Summer Story)

In the sequel, a new bully takes Scut Farkus' place as the top bully.


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