Roderick 'Scunner' Campbell was the main antagonist of the 1980s TV Series Super Gran. He was portrayed by Iain Cuthbertson.


Scunner Campbell with his gang 'The Muscles' (Alan Snell and Brian Lewis) and Tub (Lee Marshall, Jason Carrielees) were responsible for terrorising the town of Chiseltown. One day, the gang stole a magic ray from Inventor Black (Bill Shine). While working out how to use it, Scunner hit the machine, causing it to hit Granny Smith (Gudrun Ure). This transformed Smith from being a frail, elderly woman to a superwoman. Since then, Granny Smith took on the name of Super Gran and waged war against Scunner and his gang. Scunner always had schemes and ways of stealing money, but Super Gran would always save the day. Usually Scunner and his gang would end up arrested at the end of most episodes, but he would always be free by the next episode.