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I'm a lover, not a fighter.
~ Scud
Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.
~ Old man's saying that Blake mentioned, foreshadowing the fact that he knew that Scud is traitor all along.

Scud (real name: Scud) is the hidden quaternary antagonist in the 2002 film Blade II.

He is portrayed by Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead fame.


Scud was saved prior to the film by Blade before he could be killed by two vampires and assumed the role of Blade's sidekick and weapons provider when the two hunted down Abraham Whistler. Scud later helps Whistler successfully modify a UV Grenade in order to kill reapers when Blade, Nyssa Damaskinos, Asad, Whistler and the Bloodpack infiltrate the reaper nest. After the reapers are dead, Nyssa, Blade, Whistler and Scud are captured and taken back to Overlord Eli Damaskinos' lair where they plan to use Blade's blood to perfect the Reaper virus. Blade attempts to detonate the bomb on the back of Reindhart's head to no avail. Scud reveals himself to be a familiar working for Damaskinos and has been playing both sides in order to help lure Blade to the lair, telling him the bomb on Reindhart's neck is a dud as he holds it in his hand as well as had Damaskinos to ransacked Blade and Whistler's own lair. Blade tells him that he has been suspicious of him since the beginning of their involvement with Damaskinos and that he bomb in his hand isn't a dud as he pulls out a second detonator and detonates the bomb, killing Scud.


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