Oreimo scriptwriter

The Scriptwriter is a one-shot villain in the eight episode of Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (Oreimo for short). The main female protagonist Kirino had her novel adapted into an anime. Kirino invited Saori and Kuroneko to the anime staff meeting where they would discuss the adaption of her novel. Kirino presented all of her suggestion to the adaption including how the opening and ending song shall be done and the voice actor of the characters, the scriptwriter however does not seem to respect Kirino's idea and made a "few changes to the anime".He insisted on major plot changes, so far that he had the novel's female main character's gender changed to male in the anime adaption. Kirino is was so depressed that her brother Kyousuke acted as a proxy on a second meeting. Kyousuke defended Kirino's idea and Kuroneko blatantly pointed the scripwriter's arrogance, and told him to respect Kirino's idea even though Kuroneko herself does not find Kirino's novel amusing to read. The staff decided to adapt most of Kirino's proposal.