In the Jim Henson's Dog City episode "Taming of the Screw", a psychotic canine Philip Robinson, better known by his nickname "Screwie Louie", roams Dog City to dismember every screw-held establishment and implement in his personal war against screws.

"Taming of the Screw"

Ace Hart is approached by Robinson's bawling wife who pleads that he help her husband. According to his backstory, many moments in Louis' life were ruined by screws coming loose, even in the crib of his infancy. After the screws in his hospital bed following the collapse of his car came loose, Louis lost his mind and began his crusade of dismantling everything with a screw.

Initially, his rampage is limited to objects like parking meters and signs, but soon spread to large-scale buildings in the area. Bugsy Vile and his gang take advantage of Screwie Louie's mass unscrewing to rob banks, even though it at times leaves them at a disadvantage (such as when he dissembles their getaway car). Nevertheless, Ace becomes determined to talk Louie down and get him help. During a stake out by the local orphanage, Ace finally comes face to face with the deranged canine and starts to calm him down by suggesting that he too can "hear" the screws. Unfortunately, Screwie Louie then believes Ace is in league with the screws and flees.

Following his (naturally) screw-shaped pattern, Ace, Rosie, and Bugsy Vile's gang among others track him towards his next hit: Boney Island Amusement Bark. Everyone attempts to dissuade him from destroying the park. When this fails, Ace follows the trail of falling screws as Screwie Louie dismembers the roller coaster. However, Louie finally stops his rampage when, ironically, he begins talking Ace down after the latter is bombarded with yet another phone call he misses, being a pet peeve of his own like Philip with screws. In the end, he is taken into custody and given medical help.

He makes an arguably non-canon appearance in a later episode at a fan's request of a return. Screwie Louie attacks Ace Hart, but it sent away once more after the scenario is redacted.