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Screaming Mantis

Full Name
Screaming Mantis
Screaming Beauty, Psycho Mantis
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Powers / Skills
Can control other peoples' nano-machines, can "break the forth wall", wields the Psycho Doll, and Sorrow Doll
Kill Snake
Type of Villain
Villainess with Mental Illness

Screaming Mantis, AKA Screaming Beauty is a major antagonist in the video game Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. She's the leader of the Beauty and the Beast Unit, but under the inflence of Psycho Mantis.



Screaming Mantis was born in a war torn village in South America. When she was just a child, her village was attacked and eventually burned to the ground. Hunted by enemy death squads, she ended up being separated from her family. She took refuge inside the basement of a building. Shortly after she enter the basement, she discovered that it was actually a makeshift torture chamber. However, given the constant military presence outside in the village, she wasn't able to leave the corpse-littered room. To make things worse, she was eventually locked into the basement so she couldn't escape. She constantly heard screams of tortured villagers, and haunted her every day and every night. After weeks of being locked in the cellar, she kept herself hydrated by drinking the dirty water that had pooled up on the floor. Drinking all that water eventually lead to hallucination. She saw a single black praying mantis, who taught her how to block her ears from the screams. She also learned from the mantis on how to survive. She managed to survive by eating the corpses that littered the floor. However, she only ate the male corpses, much like a female mantis devours her mates. The starvation and dehydration had done irreparable damage to her mind. She survived for several weeks and somehow managed to get back to the surface.

Eventually she encountered forces that were led by Liquid Ocelot. They subjected her to gene therapy and drug induced nanotherapy, building up her psyche for their ultimate plan. Eventually, Mantis's psyche was torn out of her own mind, and was replaced with what remained of Psycho Mantis. Shortly after this, the young woman went under the alias of Screaming Mantis and became the leader of the Beauty and the Beast Unit.

Metal Gear Solid 4

Screaming Mantis, along with the other members of the Beauty and the Beast Unit were sent to kill off the Middle Eastern Rebels.
Screaming Mantis attack Soliders
Screaming Mantis about to kill off the Middle Eastern Rebels
Venage237Added by Venage237
She mostly watched the other member kill the rebels, however she does use her "psychic" abilities to kill off the members of the Rebels. After the B&B Units kill all the rebels, Screaming Mantis took a bow and commanded the other B&B members to retreat. While Snake, Meryl and Akiba were storming the Outer Haven, Snake encountered an unconcious Meryl. When she woke up, Meryl pointed a gun at Snake. It was revealed that she was possessed by Screaming Mantis. Mantis also mentioned that it has been a "long time" since she encountered Snake. Snake asked if she was Psycho Mantis, to which that Mantis said that Psycho Mantis was "another me." Snake was able to subdue Meryl by surpressing her nanomachines, however, Screaming Mantis used the nanomachines of the FROGS and took control over their bodies by using both the Psycho Doll and Sorrow Doll. 
Screaming Mantis confronting Old Snake
Snake confronting Screaming Mantis
Venage237Added by Venage237
While fighting Mantis, Snake realized that his aiming was off. He eventually figured out that Screaming Mantis was manipluating his nanomachines to control his body. Snake managed to surpress his nanomachines and shoot down her two dolls. With the powers of the Psycho Doll, Snake was able to defeat Screaming Mantis.
Screaming Beauty
Screaming Beauty
Venage237Added by Venage237

However, after defeat, Mantis' suit was flung forcefully away form her body, barely missing Snake. Screaming Beauty fell out of her shell, and as soon as she hit the ground, she started to panic. She began hearing the tortured screams from her past. Screaming Beauty begged for the screaming to stop and her inner demons to have some mercy. Shortly after that, Beauty moved slowly towards Snake, begging to be released from her torment. Snake managed to defeat Screaming Beauty, and she went into a fetal postion.


Being the leader of the B&B Unit, Screaming Mantis is the dangerous member. She wield powerful psychic abilities, very similar towards Psycho Mantis. 

Screaming Mantis pocessing FROGS Trooper
Screaming Mantis processing FROGS Troopers
Venage237Added by Venage237

However her psychic powers come from her ability to control the nanomachines inside a person's body kinda like a puppet master. She also can break the forth wall by making it look like the game blacked out, or the game restarted, much like Psycho Mantis. She can also teleport, and throw her knives. She also wields two dolls with various abilities, the Psycho Doll and the Sorrow Doll. When she loses her suit and becomes Screaming Beauty, She acquires the ability to kill Snake with touch, though how she got that ability is unknown.


  • Like the rest of the Beauty and the Beast Unit, Screaming Mantis pays homage to bosses of the previous Metal Gear Solid games. Her name comes from Psycho Mantis, her weapons, which are knives come from Vamp, and her primary emotion, Screaming, comes from a mixture between the Pain and the Fear.
  • Her appearance is based on the super model Scarlett Chorvat
  • If she is defeated via non-lethal methods, the Screaming Beauty Face Camo is unlocked
  • Screaming Beauty is the only boss in Metal Gear Solid 4 that the main weapon(s) can be acquired during the boss fight.
  • Throughout the game, when Screaming Mantis is on screen, Snake can see the ghost of Psycho Mantis behind Screaming Mantis.
  • The fight with Screaming Mantis is a complete reference towards the fight with Psycho Mantis. Much like fight Psycho Mantis, there's a health bar for a knocked out Meryl, and if she dies, the result is a game over. Screaming Mantis will also dodge every weapon that Snake uses to fight her, much like Psycho Mantis. And just like Psycho Mantis, Screaming Mantis may cause the TV screen to black out, or appear that the game has restarted.

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