Scratch was a crew member of the Black Pearl, serving under Captain Hector Barbossa.


Pirates of the Caribbean

Scratch during the raid of Port Royal. Scratch was presumably recruited by Jack Sparrow prior to his quest to find Isla De Muerta, and participated in the mutiny that saw Barbossa assume command of the Black Pearl.

Scratch became cursed along with the rest of the crew upon finding the Chest of Cortés, and spent the following nine years hunting down all 882 pieces of the Aztec gold to lift the curse.

Scratch in Isla de Muerta. When the Black Pearl attacked Port Royal, he was one of the first of the crew members to land. He was later aboard the Pearl when Elizabeth parleyed with Barbossa. Later on, when the crew reached Isla De Muerta, he scared Elizabeth by making a throat-slitting movement with his knife.

During the battle for the Cursed Gold he fired a gun from the bow of the Black Pearl. After the curse was lifted he was sent back to Port Royal to be hanged on the orders of King George ll.


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