"Give it up, boy! Your precious little trains have forsaken you!" -Scrapwave

Scrapwave is a recurring villain in the web series Trains-Formers, created by James Farr. Unlike other characters of the series, Scrapwave is not a direct parody of any characters from Thomas and Friends, but is rather a full parody of Shockwave from Transformers.

Role in Trains-4mers

Scrapwave plays a short, albeit large, roll in Trains-4mers, where his servant, Track Arachnus, intended on ressurecting him from the dead. Although Track Arachnus was killed by OpThomas Prime, her ritual had been completed and Scrapwave rose from a junk yard, proceeding to kill OpThomas instantly.

Role in Trains-Formers 5: Cease and Desist

When the Fun Police (a.k.a. HIT Entertainment) demanded that Trains-Formers be shut down, OpThomas's old friend, Vector, is left alone along with Troubletron in Hollywood. As they left the filming studio in sadness, Scrapwave bursts through the roof of one of the studios and claims that he was untouched by the Fun Police due to haveing no connections with Thomas and Friends. He chases Vector through the city, who is making his escape on a golf cart, and finally corners the child in an abandoned film studio. When Scrapwave believes he will get the chance to kill Vector, Troubletron manages to hack into a giant gorilla robot suit, allowing Vector to be its pilot. Scrapwave attempts to impale Vector's robot with a harpoon, but the gorilla grabs it mid-flight and sends it back at Scrapwave's eye. Now blinded, Vector takes the chance to kill Scrapwave once and for all by sending the gorilla's fist to his face.


  • Scrapwave is voiced by Piotr Walczuk.
  • Becaue he has no connections with characters from Thomas and Friends, HIT Entertainment was unable to keep him out of Trains-Formers 5.